Why pick from our clothing packages?

Going shopping in a store isn't always fun, especially if you don't like trying on clothes or spending hours trying to find the perfect pick? Are you avoiding fashion altogether in favor of something more affordable? Do you want a personal stylist to do the work for you? That's where we come in. If you're ok with new, resold or curated thrifted hidden gems, then we are your personal style solution. Our personal styling packages offer handpicked fashionable work attire that is mailed to you or delivered door to door.

Believing in yourself and being confident is the first step towards self-development.

Our customers are inclined to do well in life and are inspired to be the change in their communities. Whether you're a young adult, new to the employment world or you're already experienced in the world of work, we want you to "dress up for your dreams". We'd like you to lead with a brighter future mentality and be the beacon of hope and motivation that someone in the world needs to see.

If you are in the market for employment we are your one stop shop. City Staffing Group can help secure your next job and dress you in fashionable and professional attire that makes you feel your best while on the job. We want all of our customers to feel confident and focused on the job, not the clothes. We want you to feel good in what you're wearing and not worry about what you're wearing. We invite all of our clients and customers to tune into our Instagram page @citystaffgrp every 4th Monday as we go live to address possible obstacles to securing employment.