Tips for Young Adults

We understand that sometimes young adults just need a little extra push, or help finding their own path. Once you've entered young adulthood, you'll learn that you have more control over your choices, which can feel overwhelming if you feel disconnected from your goals and career. City Staffing Group wants to help young adults learn and practice work skills that enables you to have a bright future. We believe "Knowing how to get in the game gives you a shot at winning."

Tips from Big Sis Talk with Bri

Just starting your work journey? Here is some advice we'd like to give you.

  • If you don't already have one, choose a professional Mentor. You don't have to go at the world of work alone.
  • Remember Everyone makes mistakes and so will you. Learn from them, don't repeat them.
  • Critical thinking, Problem solving and leadership will be required in any profession so brush up on your soft skills.
  • You're just starting out so you'll meet many professionals along the way. Make an impression and make sure it's a good one for networking purposes.
  • There is No I in Team. Always be a team player.
  • Learning is ongoing, so take all of the things you learn just starting out and let them make you better for your career.